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Hello everyone!  I’m excited to share with you the sneak preview of the March cover of Road Iron magazine. It will be on newsstands February 7th. My story about a motorcycle road trip that I did with my father this summer is a feature article. Besides our incredible adventure this summer there’s also some tips in the story about some unique diners in  Washington state and where I found the best strawberry jam this side of the Mississippi! Road Iron is available across the U.S.A and Canada.

                                                                                                                     Vroom vroom!

Me and my pops on our Harley trip this summer.





While I am on the topic of breakfast I thought I would share this scrumptious looking morning treat. Bacon Pancakes! They look easy enough to make. This is just a found photo so I am not quite sure the exact recipe but I would suggest frying the bacon on a griddle to keep flat, de-greasing afterwards with a paper towel. Pouring the pancake batter over top, cook and flip until brown. Use a regular or buttermilk pancake batter, definitely not whole wheat or flap-jack style. Also, I think that maple bacon would taste delish in these little bad boys.

If you are still hankering for more bacon treats try the Maple Bacon doughnut. I found one at Starbucks in Skagway Alaska this summer and obviously HAD to try it. I must admit I couldn’t eat it all though. There is a fantastic doughnut shop in Bellingham Washington called Rockets Donuts that makes bacon doughnuts as well. They are baked fresh daily which fills the shop with an intoxicating scent. They also make the best buttercream doughnut. You can check them out here