I’m a smoothie lover, I make one pretty much every morning. It is the best way to get a massive helping of fruit and nutrients in a quick way first thing in the am. I keep a plethora of fruit in my freezer to keep my smoothie habit up. Everyday is usually a different smoothie recipe as I like to switch it up and keep it interesting. The more fruit I can cram into the blender the better. For one person I find that you typically don’t need any more than a cup and a half of liquid in the blender, whether that be water, juice, milk etc (I find a mix of liquids is best). Costco sells a huge bag of mixed fruit that I find lasts for months. It’s full of peaches, grapes, pineapples, melons and more than I sometimes blend all together or pick through to make different smoothie flavours. A blend of frozen and fresh fruit makes for a lovely texture and as we all know, fresh is best. Other ingredients that I add to my smoothies are different liquid supplements. I add 1 ml of Aloe Vera juice, which isĀ  full of over 200 biologically active components and helps support a healthy digestive system, and supports muscle and joint functions as well as many other benefits. Another liquid supplement I sometimes add to smoothies is Liquid Omega-3. I use a flavoured liquid as I find plain fish oil is just too yucky to swallow, plus the flavour hides the fishy scent. Omega-3 has many amazing health benefits such as helping to maintain strong bones, teeth and night vision. It’s also great for keeping skin supple looking and is a healthy immune system support to name a few. Since these two liquid supplements aren’t exactly the most delicious flavours I find that anything over 1 ml is too much. Toping off your smoothie with yogurt is a healthy way to add sweetness and mask the supplement flavours. I use a variety of yoghurt but anything that’s has probiotic or even greek yoghurt works well. Another wonderful way to boost your smoothies nutrient count is to add greens. A small handful of spinach adds iron while a small helping of romaine lettuce is a huge vitamin A,C and K supplier. So next time you’re grinding up coffee beans for your morning boost, try a smoothie instead!