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Good morning fellow foodies! Hope you’re holiday season is merry and bright so far. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family during Christmas and enjoying the snow in the Okanagan as there isn’t a single speck of it here on the coast right now. Now, who’s been indulging in some holiday treats so far? At this time of the year they can be extremly difficult to avoid. I’ve recently decided to consciously try to make this holiday season a healthy one. This is a new thing for me as I would usually be baking up a storm with all kind of goodies. Actually, I still will be baking cookies I just won’t be eating them, at least for one full week. I’ve decided to go on the 7-day Green Smoothie Cleanse. Partially inspired by blogger Amanda over at and partly inspired by my love of smoothies among many other reasons I’ve decided to attempt this feat. This is one of the healthiest cleanses, if not the healthiest cleanse you can do for you body. All you need is a good blender and a refrigerator stocked full of fruits and vegetables. You can try the cleanse for however many days suits your fancy as it is such a wonderful gift to give your body. I’ve decided on 7 days, some people choose 30 days and some 3 days it’s really a personal decision. I actually think that the holiday season is an excellent time to try this and it will help me avoid all those over indulgences, at least for one week. Doing a green smoothie cleanse helps in so many ways. It gives you energy, clears your skin, helps with weight loss, detoxifies blood, reduces cravings among so many other benefits. It’s also quite simple to follow. All you have to do is going to your local produce department and stock up on all your favourite fruits and veggies. I even bought some I don’t usually try in smoothie like parsley, ginger and cranberries. You fill your blender with all the ingredients you choose and blend, drink, repeat throughout the day. The more different variations of fruits and vegetables you include in the smoothie the better. You can also make your own juice by squeezing oranges, lemons limes etc for a even fresher, healthier taste. The point of this cleanse is to use only raw food. Uncooked, unprocessed etc. Frozen fruit is A-OK though. I also have 100% pure pomegranate juice which I think is fine to use as well. I don’t think this is going to easy but I know if will be worth it. So please join me this holiday season and let me know on the VineVie Facebook what you’re doing this holiday season to keep healthy. We can support each other and I’d love to know some of your best smoothie recipes! Also, this self guide and motivation form from Frederic Patenuade is an excellent way to start your off on your green smoothie cleanse. You can find that info at If that sounds a wee bit too intense for you, you can always make the cleanse your own and do a lesser version subbing just 2 meals a day with a smoothie and eating a ‘clean’ meal for dinner. So go ahead, raise your big smoothie filled mug and let’s cheers to a healthy and happy holiday season.

I’m a smoothie lover, I make one pretty much every morning. It is the best way to get a massive helping of fruit and nutrients in a quick way first thing in the am. I keep a plethora of fruit in my freezer to keep my smoothie habit up. Everyday is usually a different smoothie recipe as I like to switch it up and keep it interesting. The more fruit I can cram into the blender the better. For one person I find that you typically don’t need any more than a cup and a half of liquid in the blender, whether that be water, juice, milk etc (I find a mix of liquids is best). Costco sells a huge bag of mixed fruit that I find lasts for months. It’s full of peaches, grapes, pineapples, melons and more than I sometimes blend all together or pick through to make different smoothie flavours. A blend of frozen and fresh fruit makes for a lovely texture and as we all know, fresh is best. Other ingredients that I add to my smoothies are different liquid supplements. I add 1 ml of Aloe Vera juice, which isĀ  full of over 200 biologically active components and helps support a healthy digestive system, and supports muscle and joint functions as well as many other benefits. Another liquid supplement I sometimes add to smoothies is Liquid Omega-3. I use a flavoured liquid as I find plain fish oil is just too yucky to swallow, plus the flavour hides the fishy scent. Omega-3 has many amazing health benefits such as helping to maintain strong bones, teeth and night vision. It’s also great for keeping skin supple looking and is a healthy immune system support to name a few. Since these two liquid supplements aren’t exactly the most delicious flavours I find that anything over 1 ml is too much. Toping off your smoothie with yogurt is a healthy way to add sweetness and mask the supplement flavours. I use a variety of yoghurt but anything that’s has probiotic or even greek yoghurt works well. Another wonderful way to boost your smoothies nutrient count is to add greens. A small handful of spinach adds iron while a small helping of romaine lettuce is a huge vitamin A,C and K supplier. So next time you’re grinding up coffee beans for your morning boost, try a smoothie instead!