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Tucked away in a plaza that is a melting pot for ethnic shops is a little gem of a restaurant called Sandar’s Thai Garden in Surrey, BC. The glowing pink neon sign hanging in the window doesn’t look like much from outside but once you enter you will be taken on a delicious culinary journey. Thai food is one of my all time favourite cuisines, the combination of spicy, sweet and savoury is like no other. I’ve tried many Thai restaurants but there is something about the way they make it at Sandar’s that keep me coming back. For starters everything is house made which enhances the fresh flavours, unlike some other Thai restaurants in the lower mainland (I’m looking at you Thai Chili House). The spring rolls are fresh and their sweet chili sauce is heavens nectar. I’m not exaggerating here, it is that good! Their lunch combo can’t be beat either. Starting at 11:30 to 2:30pm for $8.99 they offer a spring roll with your choice of Thai soup or salad and any entrĂ©e, from the classic pad Thai to pad gra paow (a basil leaf dish). Sandar’s doesn’t skimp out of the lunch menu either, it comes as a full size serving, so come hungry. The curries are perfection, and their smiley shower cap wearing cook in the back makes them custom to your taste. One of the best dishes at Sandar’s Thai Garden is their yellow curry with chicken, it comes in a massive bowl with a side order of rice and is great for sharing. As is custom with Thai food, each dish is to be shared. The soups also come in large bowls and are presented in this nifty little clay pot set up with a candle underneath that keeps the soup warm for you. How cool is that?! I’ve brought a lot of out-of-town visitors to Sandar’s Thai Garden for some grub and now everyone asks next time they come, ‘Can we go to the Thai Garden again?’. The food is certain to warm you up during the cold winter months, which also is a great place to go if you feel a cold coming as the spices can clear you out. I admit that’s not the most appetizing way to describe a restaurant but a benefit none the less. So, if you are looking for an excellent meal and trying something a little ethnic Sandar’s Thai Garden will have you coming back for more. Also, if you are in the Okanagan and don’t feel like making the 4 hour drive for Thai food, there’s a great little place in Keremeos called Benja Thai Restaurant. Keremeos seems like a bit of a strange place to go for Thai but it is authentic food. It’s also a lovely little place to stop at on your drive out to the coast, if you are going that way. The food is extremely fresh and the decor is very Thai inspired with lots of neat little things to look at, including a rose petal buddha shrine inside the restaurant. Both restaurants are casual atmospheres with friendly services and budget friendly prices. You can check them both out online at
Happy Eating!

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Do you shop at certain grocery stores for the prices, brands, quality or certain products? Do you drive half way across town just because one store offers the tastiest cut of meat, or unique sauces? Usually I shop anywhere from big box Sav-on Foods to the Kitsilano Capers Market. Different stores have different items to offer that are often unique to that them. I’ve complied a list of my favourite store food finds from various Canadian grocers, these items are on my “must get” list whenever I stop at these stores. I will feature a different grocery store in each ‘Grocery Store Gold’ segment. Also, I’ll keep adding more as I discover them.

Today’s feature grocery store is ‘The Real Canadian Superstore’. They are a favourite of mine mainly because of their low-priced food that is actually outstanding quality. Their President’s Choice Line of products is a culinary adventure as they are constantly discovering new recipes from around the world and bringing them to our Canadian stores. Not to mentioned their Joe Fresh line of clothing helps you get your groceries and a new wardrobe all in one stop. Here’s what to add to your grocery list next time your shopping at Superstore.

Maple Balsamic Vinegrette – Maybe it’s the Canadian in me but this balsamic maple salad dressing is simply delicious. Everytime I have guests over I usually dress my salads with it and they are immediately asking what kind of dressing it is. The maple taste is subtle and compliments the creamy balsamic flavour. I usually put it on a spinach salad with a variety of veggies but it can be used on any type of lettuce really. I haven’t yet tried it in cooking but I have a feeling that it would be excellent to saute some meat in as well.

PC Vegetable Lasagna with 7 Cheeses – This is another must pick up whenever I got to Superstore. You would think that perhaps a veggie lasagna would be lacking in heartiness without the meat but you don’t miss it. It’s packed full of vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli, corn, spinach and onions. The cheeses are creamy and substantial and it’s a fabulous way to get your vegetables. It’s a definite must try

PC Splendido Rose’ Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce – This is my ‘go to’ pasta sauce. Instead of spaghetti night after spaghetti night I find this is a tasty change that is always a hit. I usually fry up onions and white mushrooms then add the pasta sauce. Add some fried chorizo and add to some boiled tortelinni and voila delicious alternative to a spaghetti dinner. Don’t make the mistake of buying the lighter option of the sauce from the PC Blue Menu though, it lacks flavour. This sauce to be kept refrigerated, you can find it in the deli section.

PC Thai Sweet & Spicy Shrimp Skewers – This is another delicious product from the President’s Choice line of products. They are easy enough to make and come seasoned. I typically fry them in a pan, bending the wooden skewers to make it easier to flip. This can be great as a appetizers for a party or a dinner, accompanied with rice and salad. They don’t take long to cook and are a fast meal idea.

PC Red Velvet Cheesecake – This isn’t a hard sell, most people can’t resist a slice of cheesecake. This soft and creamy cake goes well any season. Superstore has a wide variety of cakes and desserts, including freshly baked doughnuts. Their sugared jelly centered is a personal favourite. I’m also hoping that this holiday season Superstore brings back their Candy Cane Peppermint Cheesecake.

PC Thai Sauces – The PC line of Thai products is well done. Nothing too spicy which works easily for family dinners. The Yellow and Green curry sauces are similar to those found at most Thai restaurants and can be whipped up rather quickly into a meal accompanied with PC Jasmine rice. Another excellent product is their frozen Thai meals, I find that the yellow curry meal with chicken is the best as the green one includes shrimp that gets a bit watery when cooked in the microwave.

The Superstores own house brand is incredible quality at the best price, their produce department is usually excellent as well has a variety fruit and vegetables for all cuisine. One of the only downsides to shopping at Superstore is that you have to plunk $1 into the cart, which can be inconvenient because I don’t always have a loonie on me. Overall I give The Real Canadian Superstore 4/5 Grocery carts.