As you may have seen on my facebook or twitter pages, I am changing the name of the blog.

Let me explain why;

VineVie originally started as a wine blog. I wanted the name to be Vin Vie (without the E) but that name was already taken so I settled on VineVie instead. Over the past few years that I have had this blog the website has taken more of a turn towards food and not just wine anymore.

Since I was never really crazy about the name VineVie I have come up with a name much better suited for my blog and what it represents and is going for.

The new name for this blog is going to be Betty Dish, which I am much happier with!

The name Betty represents my two favourite old school classic Betty’s who I feel represent the blog perfectly.

Betty Draper from the show Mad Men, she plays the part of a perfect retro blonde chick and I absolute love the character.

Betty Cooper from the Archie comics, she is the classic blonde Betty and she’s always been my favourite!

And the last name Dish quite obvious is a nod to a food dish and since food this is what this blog is all about, also since I’m ‘dishin’ on food topics on this website. Dish also is a retro word for a hot babe “Hey, check out that hot dish!”

So voila’ there you have it. The new name explained and I am stickin’ to it!

I’m really happy with the name and I hope you can all bare with me as I go through the process of doing some major changes on the blog. I am working on upgrading the site and I will eventually be changing the site address as well. It’s going to be the same website and content just with a different (better) name.

You can now find me on twitter @Betty_Dish

and on Facebook under Betty Dish