Hope everyone had a rockin’ New Years Eve, I know I did!  This New Year’s Eve I went out with friends for dinner at South Granville’s new burger bar, Luke’s Corner Bar &  Kitchen. I’d been to the place once before and knew it would be a great spot to  have a casual NYE dinner. Located in the corner suite that used to host the asian-fusion restaurant Red Door this place has been re-done as a Earl’s type place.; Except with much better food, lower prices and more of an easy-going atmosphere. Part of the reason I’m crushing on Luke’s so much is that as a customer I can tell that they actually care about the quality of the food. Unlike many other restaurant’s that tend to just slap down whatever pre-made, reheated food they are serving that day. The food at Luke’s is always fresh with a tendency toward natural and local ingredients such as their pan roasted chicken breast with Fresh Valley chicken or their Salt Spring Island mussels. They are also partners with Ocean Wise. My absolute favourite must try item of the menu at Luke’s is their Luke’s burger. A honkin’ handmade patty made with Chilcotin Heritage grass-fed beef, onion, arugula and tomato. This burger doesn’t need a lot of fancy dressing or cheeses to jazz it up. The flavour from the quality beef used in the burger is unsurpassed and has an extremely fresh and earthy taste. I guarantee you will  be hard pressed to find  a burger patty this flavourful at any other restaurant. Served on a crispy grilled bun topped with arugula, tomato and fresh onions it is all this burger needs to satisfy your burger craving.  This burger is so good I haven’t even stopped to take a picture of my plate anytime I’ve been into Luke’s. So this photo taken from their website will have to satisfy your need for food porn until you are able to make it down to Luke’s yourself for your own mouth-watering burger. Their was one photo taken at Luke’s on New Years eve though, my sister and I enjoying our Bellini’s in our back booth at the restaurant while we were serenaded by one of their singing waitresses who sang and played the piano throughout the evening. Speaking of Bellini’s; have I mentioned the amazing drink prices at Luke’s? This is what sets them apart and above from places such as Earls, Cactus Club etc.  Their drink menu starts at the reasonable price of $4.50, you can get a glass of wine, Luke’s lemonade or Budweiser draft beer ANYTIME for that price, plus they have daily drinks specials as well. Another amazing menu offer from Luke’s is their $5 appetizer menu, $5! What other restaurant can you get $5 appetizers and I’ll share a little secret with you. Sign up your e-mail address  for their Luke’s dining club offer and you will receive a coupon for a FREE  appetizer!   Overall Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen is a great value, delicious food and excellent service (Our server was a doppelgänger to Katy Perry). So next time you are in the South Granville area I definitely recommend checking out Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen.

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