A quick check in from day 3 of my Raw Food Green Smoothie Cleanse. It’s not easy but I’m actually kind of enjoying eating this way. My appetite has decreased, my skin is clearer (glowing actually) and I feel better in general. I’m thinking about possibly extending this cleanse past 7 days… but then again maybe not. I’m already dreaming about what my first non-raw meal will be (a big creamy Thai curry dish!). I must admit though I haven’t only been having smoothies; I’ve also been chomping on lots of big fresh salads and snacking on fruit.  Do whatever works for you, even if it’s just one fruit and veggie packed smoothie a day. For anyone interested in this eating movement I totally recommend trying to eat only raw food for one day and see how much better you will feel. Here is some more info about the cleanse from www.rawfoodsolution.com  Happy eating!