Nicole Bernard Dawes, CEO of Late July Organic Snacks

As a Canadian I often have to modify recipes I get from Americans because we often don’t have the same products. Or sometimes I won’t make them at all since Canada can often be seriously lacking in the variety of grocery store products that one can find in the states. I’ve seen the brand “Late July Organic Snacks” pop up from time to time in various baking recipes but never had never seen it before in Canadian grocery stores. I was thrilled to spot their vanilla bean and green tea cookies on the shelf at my local Vancouver Whole Foods Market and even more thrilled when I turned down another aisle to see even more of their products. Late July Organics is mainly a snack type brand selling chips, cookies and general  lunch packing stuff but many of their products are great as bases in baking recipes and such. They’re a wholesome label that genuinely cares about the product and their website is kept up to date by Massachusetts based working mother and CEO of  ‘Late July’ Nicole Bernard Dawes. The taste and quality are there and the taste isn’t lacking as can sometimes be found in some organic snacks. Plus they practice sustainable harvesting of their ingredients which is important for mother earth and the quality of the product itself. If you have a Whole Foods Market in your area it’s worth a try as a more wholesome option.

While I’m tooting Whole Food Markets horn I might as well add how much I’m appreciating their  brown bags.  Not only are they made from 100% recycled paper but they also are covered with informative information. The one I got today has a chart of the Pacific Northwest Produce growing season which is very helpful to know when shopping for fruit & vegetables.

And when you’re done with the bag it can be recycled again since it’s made with paper that is renewable and recyclable too. Happy shopping!