The Summerland Fall Fair is an annual tradition that has been going strong for over 100 years. This year was the 101 anniversary of the Fall Fair and I was so happy to be in town during this event. It’s a cornucopia of  Summerland harvests. There’s fruit and vegetable growing competitions, baking and jam contests, entertainment and lots of local crafts and food to check out. I’ve been going to the fair for years and have even entered a few things into the fair in years past. It’s kitschy small town charm never ceases to fill me with wonder. This year I spent the day at the Fall Fair with my father. I rode there in the side car of his motorcycle and he even paid for my admission; I felt like a kid again.

We laughed at the wall of farming riddles and I even ground up my own whole wheat flour in the Fall Fair wood shop like I used to do when I was a child.

My dad says that I barely ground up enough to make a pancake though, haha.

We admired the prettiest flowers grown in Summerland.

And checked out the beautiful bounty of Summerland farmers fruit and vegetable harvests.

There were plenty of beauty as well as some fruit and veggie oddities and funny baking competitions like this spaghetti pizza cookie.

Which I totally think should have won the competition purely for aesthetic reasons. Those are cherry meatballs!

There was a lot more to check out including a quilting competition, local food vendors and a car show on main street but since this is mainly a food blog I will keep it at that. I finished the weekend by watching my parents hockey billets play their first exhibition game with the Summerland Steam (we won!) and was on my way back to the coast with my boyfriend for a rainy work week. Until next time Summerland… now to see what culinary adventures I get into this week, planning to make some autumn soup!