Usually I write about quality food, amazing restaurants and recipes on this blog  but I had to share this menu item I came across. Last weekend during a family brunch at Smitty’s I could not believe my eyes when I saw what was on the menu. Obviously, I wasn’t expecting vegan tofu salad, or organic raw food smoothies going in there but I definitely didn’t expect to see a burger of this proportion!

Smitty’s ‘Alamo’ Burger has 4 beef patties, FOUR!!! 4 slices of cheddar cheese, FOUR!  and comes with a side of fries, soup or salad. First of all, who needs a side of anything after eating a burger that huge?  And Secondly, why would you do that to yourself?  Here’s a photo of the beast, please excuse my crappy cell phone quality.

Apparently everything really IS bigger in Texas! All this can be yours for $17.99.

Dessert anyone?