Recently on a quiet Sunday afternoon my boyfriend and I decided to go to one of our favourite little village located on the Lower Mainlands coast, called Steveston. It is absolutely the sweetest little seaside village you could ever imagine. With a rich history and adorable shops it’s a perfect way to spend a spring like Sunday afternoon. I digress because what I’m actually raving about today is Steveston villages own gourmet burger joint; Mondo Burger.

Mondo Burger does burgers, and they do it oh so well.

Part of the local ‘Papi’s’ culinary ventures these burgers are not to be missed. With variations of burgers and sides to choose from it’s a calorie filled dream.  I couldn’t resist ordering the classic seeming Canuck burger that is a juicy fresh patty with cheddar cheese, two onions rings, bacon, lettuce and tomato.  Although there was a tasty selection to choose from including ”the Parisian’ with brie and basil blended right into the meat. The sides are uniquely ordered separately and Mondo Burger has genuisly come up with the ’50/50′ side which is half fries and half yams fries. The featured dips which also are ordered separately are in-house made fresh and include curry mayo and a garlic dipping sauce. The kitchen is central to the restaurant so you can watch the cooking crew, including Papi himself perfecting your burger. The prices are fair and are around the same price as White Spot.

Mondo Burger is an excellent place for family outings or a casual date. The only thing to point out is that the place is a bit of a maze. It actually is quite a big restaurant you just have to walk around the central kitchen to be able to sit in the front window and watch the comings and goings of Steveston village. A Sunday afternoon well spent.