Photo credit: Cornbread Recipe

I wanted to share an amazing recipe website that a friend recently shared with me.

Bree Olsen is a California mother of three who delightfully shares her recipes in the cutest darn blogging format you have ever seen. These absolutely delicious recipes include  breads, desserts, condiments, meats, kids cooking just to name a few. I’m dying to try her “Jenny’s Cornbread” recipe and the “Blue Cheese Bacon Dip” looks an awful lot like heaven to me. The website is adorned with expertly taken photos of all stages of each recipe, including ingredients which is very helpful. I definitely recommend checking out her blog at I definitely recommend trying out any recipe from the site. Whatever recipe you choose I’m sure to be a hit anywhere you take it.

A note to Vancouverites: Want to know a place to get the cities tastiest cornbread that’s almost as good as Bree’s recipe, but without the work? Higher Grounds coffee shop located in Kitsilano offers what they call a ‘savoury scone’  and which has similar ingredients and will definitely have you going back for more.