There’s a lot that can be said about Anthony Bourdain’s  television show ‘No Reservations’. For many it is best described as food porn. Bourdain is the epicurean king. Period. Anthony and his crew travel around the world, near and far and try the best of the best food a certain region has to offer. From Vancouver BC, Canada to Harbin China and back.  Bourdain explores each country with a jagged yet refreshing approach to not only the food but the culture as well. There’s the appetizing delights such as freshly prepared seafood on the beach in Jamaica or french almond dessert making in Provence France; all of  which are sure to make you call up your travel agent asap or at least make you drool on your couch a little bit. At times you can find him roasting  lizard in the Saudi Arabian desert or eating live octopus in the good old US of A all of which make for some queezy moments. Bourdain is a fearless foodie who also explores the places he visits showcasing some of the best places to go and things to do in each city he visits.  The show is quickly gaining a cult following and has now become interactive online where viewers can suggest places for Anthony to visit or review themselves. Bourdain has a talent for connecting with the people he encounters with his brash yet appreciative attitude  which is a unique touch to the regular ‘ cooking shows’ . Anthony Bourdain No Reservations can be seen on the Travel Channel in America or on Canada’s Discovery Channel.