Want to impress your friends at the next gathering? Try these wine friendly posh party snacks. With just a little twist on the common wine & cheese these effortless morsels will be the talk of your next fete. You can easily find most ingredients at your local grocery store or try an artisan wine & cheese shop or your local farmers market.


1 Round Creamy French Brie

Spanish Fig Bread (Matiz works well)


Cut Fig bread into small pieces (not too thick)

Place generous servings on skinned brie ontop and serve.

The sweet yet mildly crunchy fig bread paired with the creamy dairy flavour of the cheese is a epicurean delight.You could also as a pinch of brown sugar on top of the cheese for a sweeter treat! Pair with Pinot Noir such as Cedar Creek or Gray Monk or a Canadian Meritage (Bordeaux) from Township 7 or Sumac Ridge.

For an insanely easy and lighter treat try stuffed strawberries. Perfect for a summer picnic or an outdoor BBQ.


1 Package of  large strawberries

1 tub of Philadelphia Strawberry cream cheese

1tbsp of sugar

Directions: To prepare the strawberries simply wash and dry , cut the tops off the strawberry, make a  criss-crossed cut at the opposite end and gently open.

In a small mixing bowl with a fork whip the strawberry cream cheese with sugar. Mix until lightly whipped.

Gently add cream cheese mixture to inside of cut strawberries useing either a spoon or a piping bag. Chill and serve! Pairs nicely with Rose` wine. Try Therapy Vineyards Pink Freud Rose or Sumac Ridge Blush.