Strut is a Canadian VQA label wine brand that come out with a very sassy wine series that is perfect for ladies night! There is a label to match each personality or taste. With wines aptly named Chardonista & Red Over Heels. They boast that they are the ‘wine with legs’ and each label has a different pair of sexy legs and shoes to compliment the wine within. It’s fun and a definite conversation starter. Although the marketing may seem to overshadow the actual it actually is very good, especially for the price. All very fruit forward wines; the fruitest and girliest of them all is the ‘Risque Rose’  which comes wrapped in a label featuring  sexy legs in fish net stocking and buckled strappy high heels.  It is a crisp rose’ with soft strawberry and spicy undertones. Recommended pairings are tomato based pasta dishes, butter chicken or a fondue night with your girlfriends. With recessionista pricing,  3 bottles available for $33 it’s a must-try for belle vinos. Cheers!