Recently I was shocked to find out there was a makeup product I have never heard of or used( to my knowledge) before! After all my years of meticuously applying experimenting and working with makeup I found out there is a product that makes your daily makeup 100 times better! It’s a secret makeup artists have known and been using for years, it’s relativly new in the open makeup market. It simply called primer, an easy product to use with amazing results. Its a cream that is applied after your daily moisturizer is applied but before your foundation goes on. It a typically silicone based product that can be used for any age. It fills in pores, cracks and leaves your face with a natural glow. Primer provides a base for your makeup application and makes applying any type of foundation a much smoother process. It typically comes in a relatively small bottle (no matter what brand you get) and costs about $30-$45 a bottle. It usually comes in a ‘pearly’toned lotion but now is coming out in all colors such a yellow, pink to bring to suite all skin types. Sephora has one of the biggest primer collections and I’ve had a chance to test them all out. Smashbox has come out with their PhotoFinish Primer ($36 – 20ml)  is a favourite with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Like most primers it has a silky finish and helps your makeup last longer thoughout the day. The new makeup brand named after makeup artist and former model Tarina Tarantino also has a very luminescent primer ($32 – 1 oz). I find this to be a more of a dress up occasion primer since it does have alot of pearly colour for it and maybe not appropriate for daily wear on all skin tones.My favourite primer is M.A.C.  Prep+Prime($30 – 30ml. Out of all the primers I’ve tried this one is the best. I find it to fill in the most and be the silkiest throughout the day. Even when I remove my makeup at night I can feel the smooth primer gently washing off my skin so it did it’s job throughout the day. It has a soft irredescent sparkle that illuminates your skin and makes it healthy and younger looking all day long. I can’t imagine doing my makeup without it. It makes such a positive difference! I reccomend getting a sample of all primers you want to try out before commiting to one. Most makeup suppliers are more than willing to do that for no cost. Once you’ve found the primer than works best for you I wouldn’t reccomend skimping on the price. The difference primer makes to your makeup routine is well worth the cost.